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Sexy ASMR is Back
01/02/2024 11:18am
We're looking forward to shooting new erotic ASMR content this year with new and existing models. Thanks to all of our loyal members!

While we have a lot of practical experience making erotic ASMR for adults that makes viewers tingle, we also pay attention to some of the research behind ASMR. Here are a couple of very interesting articles! Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state by Emma L.Barratt, Nick J.Davis https://peerj.com/articles/851/ Two Studies of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): The Relationship between ASMR and Music-Induced Frisson by Alexsandra Kovacevich and David Huron https://emusicology.org/article/view/6012/5178 Stimulation is not just physical, it's very much in the mind. We aim to arouse your mind, not just your genitals! ASMR.Love

I've been trying to compile a list of different ASMR triggers that people have, and figure out how to incorporate them into the Adult ASMR videos that we make here at ASMR.Love, the home of erotic tingles! I'll create a poll on the site soon to get feedback from everyone on what your favourite triggers are: - Whispering - Softly spoken - Blowing - Scratching - Tapping - Crinkling - Page turning - Writing - Typing - Humming - Chewing - Sticky fingers - Liquid sounds - Ticking clocks - Motor hum and white noise - Ear brushing - Hair play - Massage - JOI - personal attention - role play - Eye contact - hand movements - colour - paint mixing - light patterns We typically focus on softly spoken, gentle whispering, ear to ear sounds, tapping, crinkling fabric, mouth sounds, hair play but we're constantly trying to think up new ways of creating quality erotic ASMR. What we create is not porn, but it is sensual and erotic, and we believe it to be a new art form. There is nudity and we celebrate the female form, however our team strongly believes that beauty should be heard and not just seen. We want to empower women, and enable men to connect with not just submissive beauty but also with strong confident and nurturing feminine power.

Welcome to ASMR.Love, the home of erotic tingles! I've been a fan of ASMR for several years and watched the phenomenon grow on YouTube. It's relaxing, and I often used it to help myself fall asleep, but I also enjoyed the tingling sensations that ASMR gave me. It was quite a sensual experience, and quite often, I found myself getting turned on. It was at that point that I realised, wow, this is quite erotic, I'm wearing headphones, immersed in the experience of this ASMR artist. It's a pity though that it's not sexy, could you imagine if she was teasing me, slowly taking her clothes off while whispering in my ear? I already ran a satin fetish site - www.lovesatin.com, I understood the power of femininity. So I thought to myself, I owe it to the world to create ASMR content for adults. This website asmr.love houses the world's first collection of ASMR erotic fetish content. It features exclusive European and American models and ASMR artists who love to tease you, with gentle whispers, hair brushing, the sounds of rustling fabric as buttons are opened and removed. And of course, some of our models like to get a bit naughtier, all on camera, just for you. If you're frustrated with ASMR content on other sites and want to see sexy ASMR artists getting nude, then this is the site for you. We feature regular updates from dozens of different models. It's not porn, it's erotica, and we hope you enjoy!