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Sexy ASMR Girls / Cindy

Avg Rating: 4.0

Cindy Vital Stats:
Height:  5'5
Age:  28
Measurements:  36DD-26-32
Fun Fact:  The most sensual ASMR artist loves to talk dirty

This gentle whispering angel, will leave you with erotic thoughts. She likes to tease her satin panties, and gently breathe in your ear. It's a ASMR turn-on! You can say hello to the stars and goodnight moon, this girl will give you tingles with her sexy talk.
Cindy Updates

Cindy Sexy Office Human Resources Manager Cindy In Satin Blouse
You've been caught photocopying your private parts in the office, and the sexy HR manager Cindy is not impressed. You've been summoned to her office for punishment. She's wearing a beautiful satin blouse and skirt, lace lingerie, stockings and suspenders and off course a pearl necklace. She makes you...

Tags: Busty, Crinkly Fabric, Erotic ASMR, Lingerie
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Spanking From ASMR Mistress Cindy
Sexy ASMR Mistress Cindy looks pretty dominant in her zipped up PVC dress, her thigh high boots and most of her cane. She's a gentle mistress though, she won't spank you if you behave like a good boy. Instead, she'll tease you with the fabric of her dress, the sound of the zip going up and down. Then...

Tags: Adult ASMR, Brunettes, Busty, Crinkly Fabric
content/Cindy/Spanking from ASMR Mistress Cindy/0.jpg

New French Maid for a Dirty Boy - ASMR Cosplay - Cindy
Hi, I'm here for the cleaning position. Sorry I'm early, I like to arrive on time. I believe you need a cleaner, you're a little bit dirty. Do you like my feather duster? It's big and fluffy. I've got my outfit on ready, my favourite one for cleaning, do you like it? I've got matching panties on. Would...

Tags: ASMR Erotica, ASMR Roleplay, Brunettes, Busty

Which Satin Party Dress - Cindy
Cindy has an office party to go to and wants to look her best, there's a guy she fancies, and she wants to make an impression. She knows he likes satin, but which dress should she wear - the navy one, or the cream one? And which gloves? Let's help her decide in this erotic ASMR video! Enjoy this video...

Tags: ASMR Roleplay, Busty, Crinkly Fabric, Gentle Whispering
content/Cindy/Which Satin Party Dress - Cindy/0.jpg

Cindy shows you the Lingerie she got for your Birthday
It's your birthday, and your busty girlfriend Cindy has decided to treat you by getting herself some sexy satin lingerie. Watch as she plays with her satin covered pussy and big tits with her satin gloves before stripping you off and enticing you to come to bed.

Tags: Adult ASMR, ASMR Roleplay, Brunettes, Busty
content/Cindy/Cindy Birthday Lingerie/0.jpg

Cindy Lady And Servant ASMR Roleplay
The Lord of the manor is away, and the Lady of the house is terribly bored. She summons you, her servant to entertain her in her quarters. Watch as she plays with the beautiful velvet and satin fabrics of her regal dress. She has seen you watching her before, but your secret is safe with her, she's just...

Tags: ASMR Roleplay, Busty, Crinkly Fabric, Erotic ASMR
content/Cindy/Cindy Lady and Servant ASMR/0.jpg